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"To build in the center of the capital - you need to love this city, respect history and be a little romantic", -Evgeny Leskiv, the founder and the managing partner of KBD

KBD has been on the market since 2016. During this time KBD.Capital fund invested 13 million dollars in projects. Now we are proud of 9 households in Pechersk district near the Botanical Garden.

We use building materials of our own production. The KBD group of companies includes the Gubnitskiy Building Materials Plant, which gives us the right to guarantee the quality of construction.

We do not build buildings and squares, we create a unique living space, where everyone can find a place. We understand that real estate is not just numbers, it's not just brick and concrete, it's the story of our customer. Therefore, we treat each new project with the same responsibility as the first. Our landmark is as much as possible effectively planned  living and public areas

Welcome to the KBD family.

Pechersky hills - a unique place. The territory has not lost its authenticity through thousands of years. Our task is to preserve it and make our homes an adornment of the hills. Because the ideal solution for us was the construction of low-rise club houses, which would absorb the unique construction works and aesthetics of the European premium housing. 

And most importantly, all of our projects are located around the Botanical Garden. N. Grishko with incredible views, good ecology and the atmosphere of suburban life. 

It's not just buildings, it's your story that begins here.

The KBD team
Evgeniy Leskiv
Managing partner
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Haposhko Victoria
Assistant to the Head
Gaposhko Yuri
Chief Constructor
Golish Victoria
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