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LCD Siretsky Park
Shevchenko district st. Yasnogorsk, 16v / g
About the complex

Residents of the residential complex "Siretsky Park" will be able to feel the silence and coziness of country life in the city center, and the planning solutions of the apartments - kitchens, halls, bright comfortable rooms, large loggias and balconies, terraces - will be pleasantly surprised by their functionality and spaciousness.

The architectural ensemble of the building creates a cozy courtyard with pedestrian alleys and greenery, and a playground is an ideal place for entertainment and carefree family holidays.

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  • 3к - 56.6м2
  • Свободно
80 / 92%
8 / 8%
was put into operation
Section 1: 1 quarter of 2018
was put into operation
Section 2: 1 quarter of 2018
Plot are
The flat's area
5226 sq. m.
Number of storeys
6,7 floor houses
red brick M-100
with warming
apartment, 2 contour gas boiler
Number of houses
2 houses
Number of flats
section 1 - 35 apartments
section 2 - 50 apartments
total 85
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Price range2
Meterage m2
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